Friday, 19 April 2013

The Exploding Popularity of American Eagle Silver Coins

Since the year 2000, sales of American Eagle silver coins has experienced phenomenal growth even surpassing sales of gold eagle coins. And between 2007 and 2009, American silver eagle coins literally doubled the high sales rates between 2000 and 2007.
This explosion in the popularity of American eagle coins has been credited to a single article written in December 2007 by Izzy Friedman. Since that article was published, the U.S. Mint has been unable to cope with the demand.
Here is a brief excerpt from that article:
"Because Silver Eagles are sold at a premium to the price of silver from the Mint to wholesalers, few if any of the 160 million regular Silver Eagles minted and sold since 1986 have been, or will ever be melted for their silver content.... Silver Eagles that are sold by investors are bought by other coin investors. Therefore, the silver used in Eagle productions is taken off the market, in my opinion, forever."
Did you catch that last sentence? The silver in American Eagle silver coins is effectively taken off the market forever. As explained in my other articles, the demand for silver is dramatically increasing while, according the U.S. Geological Survey, the supply is strictly limited.
The fact that most American silver eagles are effectively taken out of the market, means the dwindling of the strictly limited world supply of silver is further accelerated.
Think the investors hoarding doesn't make much difference? Consider this...
The American Eagle coins are the world's leading silver bullion coin. It's purity and weight is guaranteed by the U.S. Government, and there are more than 160 million American silver eagles existing... with 1.6 million more being sold each month.
When the supply crisis hits, the U.S. Mint will stop minting them (because of the impact on the diminishing world supply), and the premium on these coins will soar as people try to grab their share of a discontinued resource.
When this crisis hits, most people will not be able to afford even one 100-ounce bar. Thus, the demand for one-ounce coins will increase even more. The premium on small pieces, such as the one-ounce American silver eagles, will be higher than on larger bars.
It has been said if you own 1,000 American silver eagles 15 years from now, the value of that relatively small holding will be shocking. Even those holding gold and gold coins, should convert some of their holdings into American Eagle silver coins as they will likely be worth more than gold some day.
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