Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Silver Investment - More Reasons Why it Makes Sense

Silver is consumed in industry more than ever before.
People think of silver in terms of its price and value. The truth is that the industry uses more and more silver year after a year, so if you're really looking into a good investment, then silver is definitely a good option. One of the main reasons why we use silver is jewelry. We make necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry out of silver because it is pretty, as well as valuable. People will never lose interest in silver jewelry, so as long as it's made, silver will be needed.

It is possible that you don't realize that silver is used in medicine to a great extent. Dentists use it for dental fillings, and since philosophers wrote about the healing attributes of silver, we use it in wound dressings, and even Band-Aid. The truth is that silver does help us heal better, and because of that the industry will always use it.

Of course we use silver in high technology items as I mentioned before. Almost everything around you, be it a printer, a desk lamp, or even a TV screen, has some silver in it.

Another way we use silver is to make money. It is funny to think that until 1960 for most of the U.S. coins were made in 90 percent silver. Watch the videos mentioned in the introduction for a good historical summary of why that was.

When currencies get weak people turn to precious metals.
There is a tendency whenever the economy is bad and currency loses its value for people to turn to precious metals such as gold and silver. It's close to impossible for silver to devalue over any significant period of time. People understand this, and that is precisely why they invest in silver when they feel that the value of their currency or any valuable currency in the world is dropping dramatically. When they fear an economic crisis, they go to silver and precious metal brokers and increase the bias of their portfolio towards safe value storage that precious metals offer.

That's a tendency displayed by every nation for many years. Use this knowledge for your own gain.
Silver price keeps increasing.
The last reason why silver is a great investment is that the price of silver keep increasing. As I've mentioned before, silver is becoming more and more valuable and in just a few short years, it has doubled its market value. In 2005, it cost $7 to buy an ounce of silver. Now, it costs $17-$19 to buy an ounce of silver. The trend that you see here will not change. The price of silver will always increase, and the fluctuations will be minor within the overall context of silvers increasing scarcity and increasing demand.

The general tendency will be that gold will become more valuable and silver will follow but also have additional increases due to its unique additional uses. It is best for you to spend some money on gold and silver now so that you have a solid investment that you can realistically get back with significant increase in value in just a few years.


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