Sunday, 11 August 2013

Advice for buying Silver

      Many people have money to buy silver. But only a few that have knowledge when buying silver. If you buying silver without knowledge, then possibility for you to fail is big. Buying silver without knowledge just likes driving when drunking. It will get you in troubles. So, these are some advice when buying silver from my experience to share :

- Buy the purest silver that you can get. The purest is the best deal.

2     - Buy silver from trusted person or company. Don’t buy silver with someone you just meet. You need to investigate his/her reputation first. Check if he/she already have a bad reputation in dealing before this. If yes, avoid it. Search others person that is trustworthy.

3      -Do some researh first about current silver price before buying. Make sure you enter the market on the best time. Don’t just buy it because everybody around you is buying. Be a smart buyer.

       - Buy physical silver. For the rules, buy the thing that you can touch and feel it. Nowdays already have a paper silver, please avoid it if you can because when you buy paper silver it’s only note in word/book but you can’t see the silver. 

5   - Buy bigger oz (weight). The bigger oz means you can save on minting. For example, buy 100 oz of silver rather than buy 10 x 10 oz of silver.

That is some tips and advice from me when you buying silver. Just a basic guide but really helpfull when needed. Always remember to be a smart buyer. Do some researh and reading first to gather information. Trust me, the information that you gathered, is really valuable. You need to be smart to success. How to be smart? With a knowledge of course. That’s it for now. Happy buying silvers.

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