Friday, 23 August 2013

How I See Silver In Future

      These days, I consider silver is on of the best item to keep. Why? Because it has a huge potential in future. Based on it's price this day, it is undervalue. Because silver used in many industrial right now. Silver have become one of the most important item nowdays. Everywhere you go, you will find silver in your life. Right now silver production is low and maybe can not meet the target of production later.

      With this, I suggest you all to buy silver for future investment. Right now silver price is still low. It don't do any harm to you if you buy now because believe me the price will keep increasing year by year from now on. You all need to start gather knowledge about silver. See how silver developing until now and for future. People with knowledge is more better because you know when is the right time to buy the silver and to sell it. Some people will keep delaying it. Why? Because they expected the price of silver will somehow go down. I'm telling you, silver price now is considered low. Even if it's go lower, you can still buy it by doing cost averaging. Because the price will hike.

      What you should do? Get knowledge about silver and then start your investment. Believe me, you are on the right path.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Australian Silver Kookabura - 1 oz mintage

      Australian Silver Kookabura is a one of the best silver coins. The design is change yearly. So you will get different design for each year, good for collectors. For me, Kookabura design is a beauty, everytime I hold it, will give me some firm feelings. It has been produced in 4 different sizes. 1 oz, 2 oz, 10 oz and a kilo by the Perth Mint. It's been issued start from 1990.

      Below is the mintage of 1 oz Australian Silver Kookabura from 1990 - 2013 :

  • 1990 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage : sold out
  • 1991 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage : sold out
  • 1992 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage : 219,694
  • 1993 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage : 190,581
  • 1994 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage : 174,561
  • 1995 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage : 154,247
  • 1996 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage : 170,105
  • 1997 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage : 159,497
  • 1998 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage : 103,119
  • 1999 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage : 109,364
  • 2000 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage : 104,169
  • 2001 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage : 169,265
  • 2002 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage :  91,604
  • 2003 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage : 109,439
  • 2004 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage :  84,455
  • 2005 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage :  95,145
  • 2006 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage :  87,044
  • 2007 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage :  213,436
  • 2008 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage :  sold out
  • 2009 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage :  sold out
  • 2010 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 300,000      declared mintage :  sold out
  • 2011 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 500,000      declared mintage :  sold out
  • 2012 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 500,000      declared mintage :  sold out
  • 2013 Australian Kookaburra      Max mintage : 1,000,000   declared mintage :  271,115
      From the fact above, now for sure you will know which year of Kookabura to search and collect. You should search the year that already declared mintage is sold out because it's more valueable and rare in market to find. 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Advice for buying Silver

      Many people have money to buy silver. But only a few that have knowledge when buying silver. If you buying silver without knowledge, then possibility for you to fail is big. Buying silver without knowledge just likes driving when drunking. It will get you in troubles. So, these are some advice when buying silver from my experience to share :

- Buy the purest silver that you can get. The purest is the best deal.

2     - Buy silver from trusted person or company. Don’t buy silver with someone you just meet. You need to investigate his/her reputation first. Check if he/she already have a bad reputation in dealing before this. If yes, avoid it. Search others person that is trustworthy.

3      -Do some researh first about current silver price before buying. Make sure you enter the market on the best time. Don’t just buy it because everybody around you is buying. Be a smart buyer.

       - Buy physical silver. For the rules, buy the thing that you can touch and feel it. Nowdays already have a paper silver, please avoid it if you can because when you buy paper silver it’s only note in word/book but you can’t see the silver. 

5   - Buy bigger oz (weight). The bigger oz means you can save on minting. For example, buy 100 oz of silver rather than buy 10 x 10 oz of silver.

That is some tips and advice from me when you buying silver. Just a basic guide but really helpfull when needed. Always remember to be a smart buyer. Do some researh and reading first to gather information. Trust me, the information that you gathered, is really valuable. You need to be smart to success. How to be smart? With a knowledge of course. That’s it for now. Happy buying silvers.

Monday, 5 August 2013

How I See the Silver Market

People have been fascinated by silver for thousands of years. Civilizations from long ago found silver deposits on or near the surface of the earth. Many relics from these civilizations including religious artifacts, and jewelry have been documented over the years. Mesopotamian merchants used silver as a bartering tool early as 700 B.C.

In 1792, silver became a key part of the United States monetary system. Congress based the currency on the silver dollar. Silver was used for the nation's coinage until 1965. Silver became an important industrial raw material early in the 20th century, as the industrial revolution was really moving forward.

In today's modern world, silver is used as a valuable and practical industrial commodity. It is also an appealing precious metal for investment purposes. Silver is relatively scarce, but it is still the most plentiful and least expensive of the precious metals.

Silver demand is based on three main areas: industrial uses, photography, jewelry, and silverware. This represents more than 95% of the annual silver consumption.

Fundamentally, there is a declining supply and increasing demand. Around 90% of all the silver that has ever been mined, has been consumed by various global industries. Industrial demand has been outstripping supply for 20 years or more. Ground supply is currently as historical low levels. The U.S. government stockpile of silver is all, but gone. Sales from other major countries, such as China, Russia, and India are declining also.
There are very few pure silver mines remaining. Most of them have depleting reserves. There is almost no chance that significant mine supply, will depress the price of silver as it continues to rise. There appears to be a powerfully bullish outlook for silver.

As of this writing, silver is priced at about $18.50 an ounce. Technically, silver is in a major uptrend in price. On a monthly chart, silver could drop in price to just over $12.00 an ounce, and still keep its major uptrend intact. On a weekly chart, silver could drop to just under $17.00 an ounce, and keep its uptrend intact. On a daily chart, silver has been in a downtrend channel since early June. This is a normal price correction in a major uptrend. The monthly and weekly charts give you a long term view, which is used to analyze long term trends, or major trends. For long term traders, the daily chart can be used for timing purposes, such as entry and exit of a position.

Fundamentally and technically, silver looks very strong. Silver is quite unique, because its both a monetary and industrial metal. Gold is a good buy, but I believe silver has the most potential in coming years. There is a good chance that silver could be valued well over $50.00 an ounce in the next few years. It could go up double, or even triple that level. The silver train could well be the ride of a lifetime in the next few years. I plan to be aboard this great opportunity.

Gary E Kerkow is the founder of This site provides information to help traders and investors become successful. Kerkow has over 20 years of trading experience including stocks, futures and options. He implements the strategies, methods, techniques, principles and psychology of the world's best traders and investors. This includes Jesse Livermore, William J O'Neil and others. Visit my website at

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Where is All the Silver in the World Going?

Silver coins have been in usage in this world for a very long time. They were used as part of the monetary system and were considered precious all the time. Silver was always considered along with gold as a precious metal and even today in the present day market silver has a very high demand. Though gold is also used as bars in bullion its usage for other purposes is very less and but silver has become a necessity in many industries now. This is the reason why silver deposits are depleting very rapidly. A current estimate is that if we usage the silver at the current pace the stocks will last only for next two decades or even less. Here is a brief list of various places where silver is being used:

• Like mentioned earlier, silver is extensively used as alternative form of currency. This is usually referred to as bullion and silver is made into bars, coins and rounds for the sake of this. Silver bullion has now become one of the most reliable form of investment in this world of uncertain economics
• The second most common way silver is used in the world is for silver jewellery and silverware. Jewellery is an integral part of everyday life in the eastern world and silver has a special importance for that. Silverware has become a symbol of richness and it has been very popular even from the days of kings. Silverware was used for dining and for making statues etc.
• With advancements in technology, Silver has become a part of medicine too. Silver in combination with other metals is used in the field of dentistry for filling dental cavities. This is because of the unique feature of its quick melting point and early hardening.
• Photography is another major industry that used a considerable amount of silver in the past decade. This usage has now come down majorly due to the digitalization of cameras.
• The surge of electronics and gadgets in today's world is taking a considerable amount of silver every minute. Silver is used in electric circuits, silver contacts, keyboards, paints, audio ware, hearing aids, batteries, etc.
• Mirrors are another major everyday thing that uses silver in its making. The process called silvering will make a glass behave like a mirror. This usage is coming down now because of alternative use of aluminium.
• Silver is used in bandages as it can act as antimicrobial. Silver creams are used as antibacterial and antibacterial medicine. It is also used in catheters to prevent bacteriuria. It has a wide range of application in homeopathic medicine too.
• Silver polymers are now used in clothes by integrating it with the yarn to keep them odor free and bacteria free.

Therefore, it's easily understood that all the reserves of silver in the world are going to be cleared soon because of all the usage mentioned above. With decrease in supply, there will be increase in demand and so will the rise in price. Therefore, it's definitely a wise choice to invest in silver bullion coins now.


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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Importance of Silver Coin Investing

The Silver coins of old are possibly the oldest mass form of coinage in recorded history. They, along with gold coins, were among the first coins ever used thousands of years ago. But, are Silver coins a good investment for today's investor?

Silver coins, are a popular way to hedge against inflation and balance portfolio risk. It has historically been the most affordable precious metal. Unlike Gold, Silver purchases do not have to be reported. It has unique properties, which make it ideal and essential for global industry. And creates a situation where there is simply no substitute. Silver has huge industrial applications. It is found in most everything from cell phones to computers. As the worlds thurst for electronics continues to grow, so does the demand for more silver. Also, the medical industry has found almost as many ways to use silver as the industrial world. These applications makes it a consumable investment. And not just another pretty face.

Silver and gold are of course used as a form of money and also since the ancient times were used for gambling purposes. They are of metal and usually disc shaped. Coins can be dated back to the BC era. By around the year 700 BC the Mesopotamian were using precious metals as a medium of exchange.

The U.S. mint is a government controlled coin production facility. It also produced what is widely considered America's most beautiful silver coin, the Walking Liberty Half-Dollar. The Mint removed all silver from dimes and quarters. The silver content in half-dollars was reduced to 40%. The mint continued to turn out silver coins until 1971. In the place of the silver was what is called a "Fiat Money System". Fiat money is money with no real value of it`s own. But is enforced as legal tender by the government. The problem comes when money is mass produces without it`s real value increasing. The result is the "Fiat Money" becomes less valuable and coins with precious metals become more valuable.

Precious metals investors often ask "Should I invest in silver or gold." Silver has historically been the most affordable precious metal. Silver Eagles are easy to buy and sell at most coin, precious metal and brokerage companies. "Precious metals have had value in all civilizations and have survived all financial crises. They can be expected to do the same in the future." Now is the time to buy gold and other precious metals. Silver and gold, however, are much more popular precious metals investments than platinum and palladium.
To sum it all up. Silver and gold coins are possibly the oldest mass form of coinage in recorded history. These coins, are a popular way to hedge against inflation and balance portfolio risk. Silver coins can be a great investment for a number of reasons. Today, the best reasons are that silver is affordable for most people and because it`s demand is growing everyday.

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Silver Investment - More Reasons Why it Makes Sense

Silver is consumed in industry more than ever before.
People think of silver in terms of its price and value. The truth is that the industry uses more and more silver year after a year, so if you're really looking into a good investment, then silver is definitely a good option. One of the main reasons why we use silver is jewelry. We make necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry out of silver because it is pretty, as well as valuable. People will never lose interest in silver jewelry, so as long as it's made, silver will be needed.

It is possible that you don't realize that silver is used in medicine to a great extent. Dentists use it for dental fillings, and since philosophers wrote about the healing attributes of silver, we use it in wound dressings, and even Band-Aid. The truth is that silver does help us heal better, and because of that the industry will always use it.

Of course we use silver in high technology items as I mentioned before. Almost everything around you, be it a printer, a desk lamp, or even a TV screen, has some silver in it.

Another way we use silver is to make money. It is funny to think that until 1960 for most of the U.S. coins were made in 90 percent silver. Watch the videos mentioned in the introduction for a good historical summary of why that was.

When currencies get weak people turn to precious metals.
There is a tendency whenever the economy is bad and currency loses its value for people to turn to precious metals such as gold and silver. It's close to impossible for silver to devalue over any significant period of time. People understand this, and that is precisely why they invest in silver when they feel that the value of their currency or any valuable currency in the world is dropping dramatically. When they fear an economic crisis, they go to silver and precious metal brokers and increase the bias of their portfolio towards safe value storage that precious metals offer.

That's a tendency displayed by every nation for many years. Use this knowledge for your own gain.
Silver price keeps increasing.
The last reason why silver is a great investment is that the price of silver keep increasing. As I've mentioned before, silver is becoming more and more valuable and in just a few short years, it has doubled its market value. In 2005, it cost $7 to buy an ounce of silver. Now, it costs $17-$19 to buy an ounce of silver. The trend that you see here will not change. The price of silver will always increase, and the fluctuations will be minor within the overall context of silvers increasing scarcity and increasing demand.

The general tendency will be that gold will become more valuable and silver will follow but also have additional increases due to its unique additional uses. It is best for you to spend some money on gold and silver now so that you have a solid investment that you can realistically get back with significant increase in value in just a few years.


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