Friday, 31 May 2013

Securing Your Money With a Silver Coin Investment

We have always heard that we should diversify our investments. This certainly is sound advice now with the ups and downs (and more downs) of the stock market. Is there a way you can diversify to provide more security for your savings?

I have found my answer where financial experts like bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki have found theirs: silver. It is possible to get ahead financially, even in rocky economic times, with this tangible asset. There will never be a better time to get started.

Getting Started

Many people do not realize the opportunity silver presents for investors. We all know that gold prices are astronomical - and we all wished we held a substantial amount. What a secure retirement that would ensure.
But many of us do not realize silver holds the same potential. Pre-1965 silver coins, including Franklin and Kennedy half dollars, Mercury and Roosevelt dimes, and Washington quarters, have 90 percent silver contents, and with these, we can build a stable financial portfolio.

It's all about numbers, and the numbers indicate that silver is a promising investment. Every expert I have consulted and every trend I have studied points to silver's rise in value. Already in 2009, we can see this is true.

At the beginning of the year, silver prices were $13.00 per ounce, which is an increase over previous years. Now, however, an ounce sells for $16.65. Just ten pre-1965 coins, which equal an ounce, have netted investors generous returns.

You can easily calculate your profits if you had a bag of silver coins, which nets 715-720 ounces of refined silver. This is the time to invest because silver prices are still low enough to allow average investors to purchase large amounts. But they won't stay low for long.

Will silver prices rise to $100 per ounce? $1000? More?

No one knows, but what is certain is that silver is on an upward trend that shows absolutely no indication of reversing. The pre-1965 coins mentioned above are known as "junk silver coins." Don't be fooled by the name: they have no value to collectors, but investors can net serious profits from these "junk" pieces. Remember, just ten of these coins (just one ounce) have increased substantially in value over the course of a year.

Another great thing about silver is that it is easy for beginners to invest. You need only go to eBay, CC Gold and Silver, or Lynn Coin online and look for junk silver coins. You can visit Monex Deposit Company and CMI Gold and Silver (also on the web).

There are various sources, and prices are still relatively low. Invest now while you can, and you will be able to watch your assets grow while others are watching their stock portfolios bounce up and down.


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