Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Two Main Ways to Invest in Silver Bullion

Lots of people want to invest in silver these days, and with good reason! It can be hard to watch as your stocks and real estate investments have swung around violently, bottoming out and slowly rising before crashing again, over the last couple of years. It's natural that so many people are looking for safe places to put their wealth- secure investment opportunities that provide a stable place to either build wealth or protect their investment and retirement funds. Precious metals offer just such a place. And while silver isn't quite as stable as gold, it still is a great place to put your wealth that many consider to be poised for a huge price breakthrough over the next couple of years. While there are a wide variety of ways to invest in silver, most people feel safest investing in the actual physical product, the bullion itself. And if you are going to invest in silver bullion, than you need to decide whether you are going to invest in coins or bars.
Trading in and investing in bags of silver coins tends to revolve around purchasing and holding bags of pre-1965 US minted coins. The reason for this is simple- before 1965 coins like dimes and quarters were made of silver, and not the cheaper metals that they are composed of now. The reason why they stopped being minted from silver is the fact that the cost of the silver to make them started to be noticeably and considerably higher than the actual value of the coin. After all, there's no reason to mint a 25 cent piece in silver if the silver to make it costs a dollar.
Most people in the US who invest in silver coins invest in these pre-1965 dimes and quarters. A standard sized bag of either is a bag that contains $1,000 of face value coins according to the price of the coin itself, which can then be melted down to produce about 90% its weight in silver. This usually results in such a bag producing over 700 ounces in silver, dependent on wear and tear of the coins and other factors. There are also older coins, half dollars, and some other options for investing in silver coins, but these tend to be the most common.
Silver bars tend to be around 99.9% silver, and are the most traditional method of investing in silver. They are the industry standard, and are produced by CMIGS in either 100 oz silver bars, 10 oz silver bars, or 1 oz silver rounds, though there are also 1,000 oz silver bars available. Silver bars, overall, are the most common and popular method of investing in silver because they are totally uniform. With coins, you never exactly know how much silver you are ultimately going to get (dependent on wear and tear, remaining silver content, etc.) but with silver bars you are always assured of the size, weight and silver content- and as such, you can always be sure of the price of the bar relatively to the market.
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