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Siver Bullion Bars and Silver Eagle Coins

Silver bullion bars have seen a staggering increase in investments over the last five years. This form of silver investing is popular because the bars are uniform in size, making them both easy to handle and easy to store, and they are compact, making it easy for investors to store a great amount of bars in a small space. In addition, they are easy to liquidate because they have universally recognized hallmarks. Industry standard silver bullion bars are.999 fine, or 99% pure, and each bar is available in the immensely popular 100 ounce size, the next popular 10 ounce size, in the less popular 1 ounce size, or in an IRA-recommended 1,000 ounce rectangle.

Those who purchase 100-ounce silver bullion rectangles usually ignore the survival aspect of this asset, purchasing it instead as an inflation hedge or as an investment. This is because even though the rectangular bars are easy to transport and store, they are not easy to carry around and pay for goods and services with. Thus, those purchasing bullion usually intend to protect against the inflation aspect of paper money or as an investment for retirement or other such future financial goal. Such guards are reasons why individuals choose silver bullion bars over other forms of U.S. currency coins as investment tools.
In today's market, silver investments are about fifty times the bulk and weight of the same investments in gold. So, for larger investments of over $10,000 there are more reasonable precious metal investment options. For amounts smaller than $10,000, likewise there are options that are more reasonable available.
American Silver Eagle coins are the official one-dollar coins of the United States Mint. Because of their single dollar denomination, investors sometimes refer to them as American Eagle silver dollars.
Introduced in 1986, there have been over 165 million Silver Eagle coins minted in the United States, making them the most successful United States Mint silver bullion coins in history.

Minted from.999 fine silver bullion and weighing a single ounce, Silver Eagle coins carry a symbolic $1 face value, making them silver dollars. Due to their single dollar face value, these coins are official legal tender, meaning they are acceptable as payment in any state in the union. Federal law permits the United States Mint to produce Silver Eagle coins as "numismatic", meaning they are also collectible coins, allowing the Mint to sell them at prices over their single dollar face value. This is why ads on television sell them for $30 apiece to collectors.

It is imperative that, whether purchased as collectors' items or as a form of legal tender, that the buyer patronizes a reputable source. Safe purchase of Silver Eagle coins includes taking precautions such as ordering by telephone to lock in at accurate prices, and that the exchange of monies takes place within 24 hours of the complete sale. Ensuring that safe shipping takes place is also paramount. Look for institutions that ship via insured US mail or UPS, with reliable tracking options. Researching the intended company is also a wise choice. Many respectable institutions provide references that clients can contact in order to find out what type of organization they are and how they do business. Also important is client confidentiality. A safe institution will guarantee that they do not share or sell their clients' information to any third parties, and that all payment information remains in the closest of confidentialities. Institutions that go the extra mile do not put client names or other pertinent information on invoices, nor do they computerize transactions.
Investors cannot be too careful with their money in today's turbulent economy, and investing in precious metals such as silver bullion bars and Silver Eagle coins is a wise decision indeed.

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